Couponing Resources

I’m a firm believer that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel if it’s already working perfectly fine. So that’s my fancy way of saying there are tons of bloggers out there who have been couponing much longer than me and have much bigger teams of folks to help contribute to their sites (all I have is my dog, and he’s not much help, honestly). My all-time favorite couponing resource is Krazy Coupon Lady, but I want to link to a bunch of different resources below for anyone just getting started.

Weekly Coupon Deals and Breakdowns

Krazy Coupon Lady

The Couponing Couple

Publix Savings 101

Totally Target

Instagram: search #extremecouponing to find posts from other couponers each week

Facebook: search “extreme couponing” to find groups to join where you can see what other group members are doing each week

Couponing Policies/Tips for Specific Stores






Stockpile Price List

Click here to download the stockpile price list

Couponing Lingo and Abbreviations

Click here to check out Couponing Couple’s list of lingo and abbreviations for couponing. If you can’t find it here, remember Google is your best friend! Search for the term + couponing (such as YMMV + couponing, or Double + couponing) to find what it means.