25 things to stop buying to save money

If you want more money, you have two options: make more or spend less. If you’ve already done all you can to make more money, then the next step is to find little ways to shave off areas of your existing budget. Just like earning extra money, living frugally is all about the slow and steady race. But if you stick with it, you can easily save $5,000 or more a year!

I seem to always start the New Year with lofty savings goals… and then when I haven’t even made a dent by February, I usually get frustrated, binge eat two containers of those Target sugar cookies with the fluffy icing, and throw my savings goals out the window. So this year, I decided to jump start my 2019 savings with some creative, yet completely effortless, approaches in December – and I actually ended up making $232.96!