Cash-Back Apps

One of the easiest ways to save money when couponing is to use cash-back apps on your phone. (Links to download apps are at the bottom.)

These apps reward you for purchases made in-store when you take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app.  They give cash or points for everything ranging from specific brands/products (i.e. $2 back for Welch’s grape juice) to just specific brands (i.e. 20 points for every dollar spent on Quaker products) to any item within a particular category (i.e. $.25 for a gallon of milk).

When you’re couponing, most of the major couponing blogs that offer breakdowns (such as Krazy Coupon Lady) will reference offers in these apps. So you don’t necessarily have to keep up with which app is offering which rebates each week. Just scroll your favorite couponing blogs for deal breakdowns for stores and keep an eye out for any deals that include cash-back offers from these apps.

Examples of deals I have recently done using these apps:

Publix had Buitoni pasta on a “buy one, get one free” promotion. It’s usually $2.50 per package of pasta, but the BOGO promotion made each package $1.25. Ibotta also had a rebate for $1.25 per package of pasta that could be redeemed four times. So I bought four packages of pasta for a total of $5.00 and then uploaded a picture of the receipt to Ibotta. I claimed four rebates for $1.25 each, making the pasta free after the cash back from Ibotta.

Target had Huggies diapers on a “buy two boxes, get a $10 gift card” promotion. Fetch Rewards had two offers available, one for 6,500 points ($6.50) for buying any box of Huggies diapers and 10,000 points ($10) for spending $40 on Huggies diapers. Each box was $24.99 at Target, and I had two $1.50 coupons plus I got 5% off by using my Redcard. So I paid $44.63 at the register after my coupons and Redcard discount, then got back a $10 gift card, then uploaded my receipt to Fetch to redeem both rewards for $16.50 total. My final out-of-pocket cost for the diapers was $18.13 (compared to almost $50 regular price).

Publix had Tone bodywash onsale for $1.99/each. Ibotta had a rebate for $1 per bottle of bodywash and I had a coupon printed online for $1 off one bottle of bodywash. So I paid $.99 at the register after my coupon, then uploaded my receipt to Ibotta to redeem the $1 rebate, making the bodywash free.

Each app has its own set of rules that you’ll want to become familiar with, but for the most part, they’re pretty straightforward.

Download the apps by clicking the links below, and create an account in each app so that you’re ready to upload your receipt after you go shopping. Be sure to use the referral codes included to get your bonus rewards for downloading the apps!

Ibotta – Use referral code fgsahkk to get up to a $20 welcome bonus when you create an account.

Checkout51 – No referral code needed, just use that link to get a $5 cash bonus when you redeem your first offer.

Fetch Rewards – Use referral code MB4YY to get a free 2,000 point bonus when you create an account.

SavingStar – No referral code needed.